Monday, March 22, 2010

Gates admits concerns on US assassins in S. Asia

Gates admits concerns on US assassins in S. Asia

Press TV

The US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says he is concerned "in principle" about the existence of an alleged private network of assassins in Afghanistan and Pakistan run by the Pentagon.

An earlier report by The New York Times suggested that Michael Furlong, a Defense Department official, set up a network of assassins that tracked and killed suspected militants in the region under the guise of collecting intelligence.

"Quite frankly, in principle, I would have concerns about that but I don't know enough to know whether... it took place and if so, whether there was value added," Gates said Monday in a joint press conference with his Canadian counterpart, Peter MacKay, AFP reported.

Gates said investigations are underway to find out real facts about such a spy network.

"We do have reviews and investigations going on to find out what the story is here, to find out what the facts are," he said. "And if it's necessary to make some changes I'll do that."

Gates added that the Pentagon is deeply involved with about 85 percent of the country's intelligence budget devoted to Defense Department agencies.

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