Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hamas hails Mauritania's decision over Israel

Press Tv

The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement has praised Mauritania's decision to close the Israeli embassy in Nouakchott and sever its diplomatic ties completely with it, urging Arab states that have relations with Israel to follow.

“We in Hamas highly value and appreciate the decision taken by the Islamic republic of Mauritania to close the Zionist entity's embassy in Nouakchott and break off its diplomatic relations with the state of occupation,”
Palestinain Information Center cited the Hamas statement on Thursday. .

Hamas also called on Arab nations that have diplomatic ties with Israel — Jordan and Egypt — to freeze economic and political ties with Tel Aviv to protest the racist and terrorist policies practiced by Israel against the Palestinian nation. The Palestinian movement also urged Arabs to take measures in response to threats the Tel Aviv regime poses to Middle East peace and security.

Hamas meanwhile advised participants in the forthcoming Arab summit in Libya to adopt a resolution, banning any negotiations with Israel. Tel Aviv has proved its bad faith toward the peace process through its persistent settlement building and Judaization activities in occupied Jerusalem (al-Quds), the movement underlined.

Mauritania's Foreign Minister, Naha Mint Mouknass, said March 20 that the country in northwest Africa had severed its relations in a “complete and definitive way.”

In March 2009, Mauritania expelled Israel's ambassador Michael Arbel and embassy staff from the country following a dispute over the 22-day military offensive in the Gaza Strip, which left over 1,400 people — mostly women and children — killed.

Mauritania's ambassador to Israel was recalled home a month earlier, and Mauritania's embassy in Tel Aviv was also closed.